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For help with TEACH-VIP E-Learning

For help using the TEACH-VIP E-Learning website, please see How To Use TEACH-VIP Learning.

For additional questions about or assistance using the TEACH-VIP E-Learning website, contact TEACH-VIP E-Learning: teachvip@edc.org

Please note that we can only provide information and assistance about using TEACH-VIP E-Learning. We cannot provide general information or consultation about injury and violence prevention. Requests for additional information about injury and violence prevention should be directed to the WHO collaborating centres on injury and violence (below).

For additional information and expertise on injury and violence prevention

The WHO collaborating centres in injury and violence prevention are valuable sources of information on research, prevention efforts, and regional and national efforts to prevent injuries and violence. A list of these collaborating centres can be found by clicking on the link below.

For more information about TEACH-VIP

For more information about the face-to-face version of the TEACH-VIP series, contact: vip@who.int

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